Sandwiches & Wraps

    • Sandwiches

      Choose from white or brown bread & all sandwiches are served with side salad

    • Prawn


      Prawns wrapped in a lemon and cracked black pepper mayonnaise

    • Chicken Pesto


      Chicken in a pesto dressing and sliced beef tomato

    • Solo Cheese & Onion


      Cheddar cheese and red onion, with a side of damson and apple chutney

    • Tuna


      Tuna Mayonnaise mixed with red onions

    • Salmon


      Smoked salmon with a lemon and herb cream cheese

    • Wraps

    • Chicken Fajita


      Chicken fajita with dips, tortilla chips and side salad

    • Goats Cheese & Roast Veg


      Goats cheese & roast vegetables with a sweet chilli dip and tortilla chips

    • Toasties

      Choose from white, brown bread or pannini & all served with side salad

    • The BGT


      The B.G.T, Bacon,tomato and guacamole

    • Bacon & Brie


      Bacon, brie and red onion chutney

    • Chilli Chicken


      Sweet chilli chicken and mozzarella

    • Tomato & Pesto


      Tomato, pesto & mozzarella